Wealth Management is an iPad application concept focused on gathering all BNP Paribas Premium customer's assets in one place. 
I covered the visual language exploration, a service designer worked in gathering information from stakeholders and an UX designer focused on rapid testing with customers. We were tasked to deliver a fully working prototype in just 4 weeks. We travelled to Brussels in order to work very closely with the client and make sure we had all the information we needed to achieve our tight deadline. 
On week one, we had a few meetings with existing customers where we gathered enough information to create the application's personas.
On week two, we started scribbling on a big white board some of the knowledge we learned from our personas alongside with the business requirements.
On week three, the team focused on early sketches on paper and low fidelity wireframes. We were making sure our work was on the right track by having a couple of internal people from the bank working with us.
On week four, we worked on the visuals with the help of the BNP brand guidelines and also prepared a high fidelity prototype using Invision.
To conclude, the board of stakeholders were very pleased with our work. We have exceeded their expectations and created a buzz internally to invest in this concept. Success! 

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