BP Ascent is an internal tool for BP employees which allows them choosing from a list, what could be their next skills to learn. For example: recruiting new staff, engaging your team, developing your team, coaching your team, etc. 
The team at Uber Digital had their initial wireframes almost in place when I joined. I help finalise them and then started the exploration of what this tool would look like. 
It was a very fun project to work on, I have done dozens of colour combinations, followed by showing the spider graph in different ways. When overlapping some of the colours chosen during the creative explorations, I then realised which ones would work better when placed on top of each other on the graph. That led to what we decided to be the final version. See below.

BP wiresBP wires
BP wires2BP wires2
BP early visualsBP early visuals
BP Customise your planBP Customise your plan
BP Sprint colleaguesBP Sprint colleagues
BP Your dashboardBP Your dashboard
BP Your dashboard S3BP Your dashboard S3
BP Delegating tasksBP Delegating tasks