I joined RMA Consulting to work with one of their biggest clients, Virgin Media. 

For about 11 months I have achieved many interesting challenges. From introducing the benefits of investing in user testing, to leading training session of Sketch and Principle and making important decisions about how their service could be shaped. 
The Design team grew from myself and my colleague Alex Bradbury to 9 people and we have collaborated in many projects with our colleagues based in Romania from NTT DATA. 

Our first project was called Virgin Media Presents. It consisted of thinking and designing a series of modules that could then be updated by the VM internal team with Adobe Experience Manager. As a user they could read articles of their favourite Virgin TV shows.

The most interesting challenge about this project was finding a solution to how the typeface would be displayed across many breakpoints. 
After analysing the most common breakpoints users were accessing the site, myself and Alex created and specced a formula to help out the developers using the correct font sizes on all breakpoints. 

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Mobile Header

Another interesting project myself and Alex were assigned to, was to look at the current mobile header on the vm.com site and redesign it. 
Our initial approach was analysing the header's IA and simplify it, but because we were only looking at mobile we couldn't change any of the current menu items as they would be reflected on the Desktop view. 
Even with that constraint, we have managed to design a better solution that has shown its value by exponentially increasing conversion. 

adaptive header1adaptive header1
adaptive header2adaptive header2


Prime is an internal tool used in store by Virgin Media agents to help inform customers about which bundles are best suited for them. 
I have worked with a different UX designer on this project and we worked closely with the business Product Owner to achieve the business and users needs. 
The product was very well received by the agents that felt the tool was easy to use and were proud to use it with customers.